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How to Buy a German Shepherd Puppy In India

History of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most developed and well recognized dog breeds in the world. Most German Shepherd dogs are kept in herds, German Shepherds were used in the 19th century to guard flocks against poachers, before 1899 German Shepherd dogs were available in various places in Germany. The German Shepherd, named by the Queen of Switzerland, was first recognized as a member of the AKC herding group in 1908, although Max von Steffenitz and his colleague Arthur Meyer wrote the standard for the breed nine years earlier in 1899 was. Around the German districts, however, breeder groups were formed under the leadership of Captain Max Vaughan and the breed's numbers were increased.
These breeds were combined to create the shepherd breed and then German Shepherd dogs from several different German regions, selecting powerful, intelligent and talented dogs, then co-founded the world's first club under the leadership of von Steffen. was established
A better breed breed to make the German Shepherd Dog even better It took about 35 years to prepare it. The result of which we get today's breed which is a wonderful, powerful, intelligent and all-round breed. The German Shepherd is the result of today's well-known trait, intelligence, agility, speed and we can perform a variety of tasks and German Shepherds were used as Red Cross dogs to fight in the grassland.
The German Shepherd dog breed was named Shepherd Dog and then changed to Station Wolf Dog in Britain. The name of the breed of German Shepherd and the color of their coat were not known until 1931.

Differents Colour of German Shepherd

It is usually a mixture of black and yellow, although modern breeds are available in a variety of colors, including black, White, gold liver panda.
The German Shepherd is famous for its wolf-like appearance and has floppy ears with pointed ears similar to wolves' hoods and upright when turned.In adults they have a double layered coat making them suitable for all seasons

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Vaccination Schedule

6 to 7 weeks of age First combination vaccine. For Distemper Hepatitis & Parvovirus
7 to 8 weeks of age Coronavirus
9 weeks of age second combination vaccine.
9 weeks of age Booster of coronavirus
16 weeks of age last combination vaccine.
12 to 16 weeks of age Rabies vaccine.
Deworming is required every Fifteen days from 21 days to 3 months, and every month.
From 3 to 6 month once in every three month throughout the life.

Height And Weight Of German Shepherds

Most German Shepherds are 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 77 and 85 pounds, have narrow and deep chests, and muscular front legs and shoulders.

Owner Experience

German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs that are fearless, straightforward and self-confident, if you do not have experience working with dogs, it is necessary to enroll in obedience classes and training not only for the dog, but also for yourself. German Shepherds trustworthy with the home owner, get along well with children in the home, very quickly recognize the sights and sounds of people in the household. And it guards the house like a keeper. Always alerts the house and family members, prevents any strangers or intruders from entering the house without the owner's permission and also protects the property of the owner

Activity Of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a working dog, for which it is considered a choice of police and military dogs and is also trained by the police and military, which is used to catch thieves, crooks and terrorists. Athletic Breed German Shepherds Need Lots of Exercise Physical and mental well-being provides the dog with sufficient willpower.

Adaptability Of German Shepherds

German Shepherds don't really need a big house or a large yard, but can be kept even in big house with a yard. You can also keep it in an apartment or condo but they need plenty of walks or other daily needs at least two hours of exercise and opportunity a day.
When it is in constant contact with the family, it obeys everything and if it is not in contact with the family, that means, it remains alone, then it feels bored and can also be destructive.

Grooming and bathing

The German Shepherd has a double coat which consists of a thick undercoat, its skin is hard, it has thick hair on its body which is wavy. Its hair needs quick brushing in a few days and the hair falls more profusely once or twice a year Brushing more frequently during these periods helps in controlling the amount of hair. We always have to take care of its cleanliness, it is important to bathe it. Trim or grind her nails every month. If they don't wear out naturally, extremely long nails can cause pain.

Health And Hygiene

Dental care

All your dog's adult teeth should have come through by the time he is seven months old, so it's very important that you care for his teeth, particularly at this stage of his life. Dental problems can start easily when he is young, so try to get him used to being checked. Use the following points to help when you check your dog's teeth.
Mostly it has been seen that Germon Shepherd is a healthy dog, but we also have to keep in mind that all dogs also fall ill due to one reason or the other. Some German Shepherd dogs can suffer from myliopathy and dysplasia of the elbow and hip problem. Responsible breeders should always supervise dogs and take them to the vet for a health checkup.

How to Buy a German Shepherd Puppy In India

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