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Which dog is the right dog for you & where to buy a Dachshunds dog for sale?

About Dachshund

Dachshund ( Dachshund ) is, is a German native of dog species. The meaning is a combination of two German words, Dachs, which stands for Anaguma, and Hund, which stands for the dog (the meaning of Hound is limited to "hunting dog" in the English cognate).

History of dachshund

The origin of the dachshund is old, and the oldest one has a dog breed that closely resembles the dachshund engraved on the mural paintings of ancient Egypt. However, it is reasonable to assume that the origin of the current dachshund is medieval Europe.

The current dachshund is said to be the ancestral dog of the Jura Hound in the Jura Mountains region of Switzerland and was made by the basic dog of today's smooth-haired breed by crossing with a medium-sized pin shell in the mountainous areas of Germany and Austria around the 12th century. It is reported that it was done. At that time, it seemed to weigh 10 to 20 kg, and schnauzers were placed, and other terriers produced wire-haired varieties. Longhaired varieties were created by crossing with spaniels around the 15th century, but it is unclear where they were made.

Originally, as the name implies, the dachshund is a breed of dog that was improved by farmers to hunt hole bears weighing about 15 kg and to search for and track injured prey. It has a history of breeding especially suitable for underground hunting. At that time, the dachshund is said to have been called Tekkel, Tekal, or Dachshund in Germany.

Around the 19th century, it seems that miniatures and kaninhen (meaning rabbits) entered a small hole that standard could not enter, and were improved to hunt not only bear bears, but also rats, rabbits, and ten. Also, from around this time, it seems that it was gradually exported to the United States and other countries, and the oldest club that is said to have been instrumental in breeding the dachshund is the German Teckel Club (Deutscher), which was founded in 1888. Teckelklub).

Dachshund hair color

Dachshunds are known to have numerous hair colors. In addition, the color is different for each hair type.
Smooth-haired and long-haired are available in one and two colors, and other colors are available: red, shaded red (red with slightly black tips) yellow (cream), reddish-yellow, and two colors. Has black tongue, chocolate tongue, and others have dapple color (spots) and brindle.
On the other hand, wire-haired includes wild boar color (wild boar color), salt and pepper (salt and pepper color), and pie bold.
In recent years, you can see newly created hair colors such as long-haired pie bold. By the way, crossbreeding between different hair species is not allowed, and the pedigree is not originally issued. It is a hair color that calls attention to breeding even in the issued pedigree.

Dachshund personality

Basically, they are naturally friendly, calm, nervous, and not aggressive.
Passionate and patient.
However, since he was originally a hunting dog, he sometimes gives a glimpse of his aggressive and unyielding personality.

Vaccination Schedule

6 to 7 weeks of age First combination vaccine. For Distemper Hepatitis & Parvovirus
7 to 8 weeks of age Coronavirus
9 weeks of age second combination vaccine.
9 weeks of age Booster of coronavirus
16 weeks of age last combination vaccine.
12 to 16 weeks of age Rabies vaccine.
Deworming is required every Fifteen days from 21 days to 3 months, and every month.
From 3 to 6 month once in every three month throughout the life.

Appearance of dachshund

After all, the characteristic is the appearance of the long and short legs, and this name is used as a synonym and metaphor for human long and short legs.
The face is long, the tail is long, and the ears hang down. The nose is large and the nostrils are open, so it has an excellent sense of smell. The nose color is basically black, but some brown-haired dog breeds have a liver color.
Also, the chest is well developed.
Since the epiphysis is protruding, it has an oval shape when viewed from the front. The ribs are tight and connected to the abdomen.
Low ground, short legs, long body, but lean physique.
Very muscular, holding a strong head and showing a vigilant look. It has short legs for a long body, but it does not seem to be defective, fluttering, or restricted in gait.

Various dachshunds

dachshund is divided into three types: standard, miniature, and kaninhen, and the ideal size is set by the associations of each country.
The most commonly kept miniature dachshunds are generally about 35 cm tall and weigh about 5 kg when they become adult dogs. Basically, it is said that the size of miniature and Kaninhen is rarely larger than the ideal size, but on the other hand, the standard size may differ in size, and the width is about 7 to 15 kg.
Japan Kennel Club
Standard: Upper limit 15kg
Miniature: Upper limit 5kg
Kaninhen: Upper limit 3kg
German Teckel Club
Standard: Chest circumference 35 cm or more and up to 9 kg
Miniature: Chest circumference 30-35 cm or less 3-4 kg
Kaninhen: Chest circumference 30 cm or less 3 kg or less
American Kennel Club
Standard: 7.3 ~ 14.5kg
Miniature: 5 kg or less
British Kennel Club
Standard: Male 11.25 kg (25 lbs) or less Female 10.35 kg (23 lbs) or less
Miniature: 5 kg (11 lbs) or less for both males and females

Where to buy dogs in India

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